Sunday, November 19, 2006

Another Beautiful Weekend

Greta at 10 weeks

Greta, Ella & Charlie

We had another beautiful weekend here. We got our turkey & a few Thanksgiving items. Jessica & I took the dogs for a walk yesterday. They made it a little more than a mile before they really started dragging. IHopefully, we'll get to give Hogan another walk today. Apparently, the pups are out of shape. Grandpa Powell always gives Hogan a good workout when he is here. Ella had another swim lesson on Saturday & had a ball playing with her friends Zoe & Abby. Today, she played with her friend Annan while Nick & I did some Christmas shopping. Nick is on the roof with the rest of the neighborhood trying to get the Christmas lights up. Last year, everyone got caught by a surprise early ice that made hanging the lights challenging. Posted by Picasa

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