Friday, December 08, 2006

Santa's Little Helper's

Ella was more excited than we thought about going to visit Santa. She was happy to make small talk (i.e, explaining that she was in preschool and that her brother & sister now go to school with her), but when it came down to business (questions about what she would like for Christmas), she deferred to Mom. The twins were happy to be held by Santa, but Ella would only stand near him if Nick was holding her shirt. We had some camera problems when visiting Santa (but Greta is so cute smiling at Ella & Nick), so we took some more shots at home.

We had a busy week. Ella & I went to the Children's Ballet performance of Molly Mouse & the SugarPlum Fairy. It was a huge hit. Rave reviews from the little critic. She keeps asking to go again.
She is looking forward to her friend Ethan's birthday party on Saturday & getting to see her friend Emmy on Sunday. Ella & I leave on Thursday for New York. She is really looking forward to seeing her cousin Selena. Ella loves her Advent Calendar, but is a little disappointed that Mom keeps putting lifesavers as the treat.
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