Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Silent Night

(ella crashed after a long day)
The day started off with Charlie waking up uncharacteristically early. He must have been excited for Santa's arrival. Ella woke up around 8 and was very disappointed that she would have to wait 10 minutes until Jessica & Kiyah arrived. She was overwhelmed at the amount of gifts under the tree and said she didn't think she could open them all. She frantically searched for Santa's gift & then tossed it aside once she confirmed that he got her request right. Finally, she took a break from the gifts and watched one of her new videos while Jessica & I took Buster & Hogan for a walk (Tucker was sent home for a bath). After making bath salts with Jessica, Ella took a bath & emerged reengerized. She opened the rest of her gifts & had a lot of fun playing with her new toys until dinner. Everyone crashed early on Christmas Night!

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