Monday, January 22, 2007

Talent Show

With three kids, comparison is inevitable. Thankfully we were blessed with three children possessing exceptional and distinct talents. These remarkable traits have already provided a glimpse to what the future might hold.

She surprised us last week with a persistent interest in Martin Luther King. The triumph and tragedy of his life is not easy to explain to a three year old. But, after some discussion, she wanted to see a picture of him, so Nick loaded his famous speech for her to watch:

As she cheered with the crowd, it was obvious to Nick and me that she was destined to be a civil rights activist. I asked her encouragingly, "Wasn't that interesting?" "Yes," she earnestly replied, "and boring too."

Oh well, with these dance moves, maybe she can earn a living as a reality TV star.

Despite her young age, Greta has exceptionally dexterous hands. She is days, if not weeks, ahead of Charlie with respect to fine motor skills. She is not only grasping everything in sight, she moves her fingers in such a way to suggest that, if she could sit down, she would also be able to play a concerto. Greta will surely follow Grandpa's footsteps and become a surgeon.

Of course, she keeps banging her head with her toys so medical school might not be in her cards. With her ability to curl up in a ball and roll across the floor toward colorful objects, she should be able to get a job in the circus as the kid that gets shot out of a cannon.

"Mutation." The first glorious object that enticed Greta to roll across the room. She was a little disappointed in its texture.


Charlie will sit quietly all day observing his sisters and working on his comedic monologue. HERE he is trying out some new material on Grandpa.

He will spout off for about 10 minutes at random times during the day and glares at us when we try to engage him in conversation. Perhaps he thinks we are heckling him.

If it turns out he doesn't know how to tell a joke, he can always audition to replace the "Lord of the Dance." Charlie's favorite position is on his back, arms at his side, and legs moving up and down like he's dancing a jig.

The weekend went by quickly. Nick spent a lot of time with the kids while I finished up some work projects. At least the skies are blue again here as I look out the window at work. I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in about 20 years on Saturday which was very fun. She was in town for Sundance. Nick's taking the day off tomorrow while I fly up to Boise to meet with a client. He is hoping his knees are up for a day of skiing.

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