Monday, January 15, 2007

The Weekend Round-up

Nicole's visit went very fast! It was great to take the weekend off from photo taking and let Nicole have fun. Charlie was working the camera a little harder than Greta this weekend. We tried to keep Ella entertained while showing Nicole some fun (indoor) activities. It was way too cold to stay outside for long. Friday was a mellow day because I had such a late night at work on Thursday. We had a late lunch and did some shopping before heading home. On Saturday we went to the Children's Museum. Ella was pretty tired and didn't fight it when we said we had to leave. On Sunday, we went swimming, but the water was really cold, so we got dressed and had a snack before heading home for the evening. We were thrilled that Nicole came to spend the weekend with us!

She took a cute video of Charlie. Google video is now working so we also posted an older video of Greta from New Year's.

In developmental news, Greta can now roll from back to tummy and tummy to back. She balls up like a little bug and rolls. Abs of steel. Charlie is usually so content to hang out, I don't think it has crossed his mind that he might want to roll off his back. He is doing a really good job eating solid food while Greta is still trying to figure out how to control her tongue.

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