Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I got to help with Ella's party at school today. They decorated heart shaped bags to collect all of their treats. Then, the teachers made the wise decision that all candy needed to be eaten at home. Ella had already selected the treat she was going to eat as soon as Dad picks her up.

We made some cute Valentine's for the kids to take in to school for their friends & teachers from Heather Ann Designs. We also made some "treat tags" for Ella to attach to her Rice Krispy Treats.

Nick opted to buy me a cow for Valentine's Day. First time I have ever said that. My memories of V-day as a child always include the heart-shaped box of candy that my Dad would magically pull out from under the bed for Jessica & me. He would always jokingly say that the St. Valentine's Day turtle brought them. I told Ella about this & she was skeptical ("How does he carry a basket? I think Grandpa must be joking."). She had a basket waiting for her when she woke up and decided to show all the kids at school her new "tinkerbell" underwear.

Ella impressed us earlier this week by writing her name (correctly!). Greta stopped crying when I made the sign for "milk." Charlie hasn't learned any new parlor tricks, but we're still going to keep him.

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