Sunday, April 29, 2007

Eight Months

Greta reminding me that dinner is late (again).

Well, it's been quite a week for the twins. Between the falls, tumbles and illness, we were glad to snap a few photos with smiles. We took Charlie to the doctor on Thursday & they finally diagnosed him today with a coxavirus infection. With some extra motrin, we are hoping he will sleep through the night tonight.

This morning I heard Ella shout "Mom, come quick. I'm not joking. This is important. Greta is really trying to hurt Charlie." When I went into their bedroom, Charlie was on his back and Greta had gotten struck trying to crawl over him. He was pinned to the ground (which isn't very hard to do, because he acts helpless when he is on his back). The twins had their hands claspsed and seemed happy. I think it was their first wrestling match.

The babies played in Ella's room tonight after dinner. They were especially enchanted with Chicken Dance Elmo and Nick was excited to see Greta pull herself up to a standing position with the help of Ella's toybox. Even Charlie was moving all over the place tonight.

It was a full weekend with beautiful weather. We took everyone to the park this afternoon. Hogan & Ella got hot quickly - Hogan left to find shade.
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