Thursday, May 31, 2007

Meet Susie

We lost and gained a new family member this weekend. Sadly, football has moved on to the great beach in the sky. Ella has 2 oversized animals - Kanga (the kangaroo) and Crazy (the Bear). Jessica & Kevin thought it would be nice if the twins had a large animal too. Hogan & Buster sniffed her to make sure she was cool to join the pack. Within minutes of getting home this weekend, Ella had decided to name the dog Susie & it hasn't left her side. She has a collar & leash & is currently wearing Ella's ruffled Easter socks (pulled up to her "knees"). Susie is about the same size as Hogan causing Nick & me to repeatedly get frustrated that "Hogan" hasn't moved out of our way. I had a minor panic today when I thought I saw Hogan sprawled on the floor buried in couch cushions. Ella took the bottom picture of Hogan. She is getting better about looking through the lens before she takes the photo.
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