Tuesday, May 15, 2007


A remote control for our camera was among the many wonderful gifts I was showered with on Mother's Day. Nick thought that this toy might prompt me to be in more of the family photos. But, of course he was the one who figured out how to use it! The babies tag teamed this weekend - they were never both asleep at the same time. While Charlie was napping, Greta posed with Dad for some photos. Note the lovely bumps & bruises on her forehead!

Ella made me a few gifts this year. One was a lovely, colorful bracelet. The other was a set of hand-dipped chocolate pretzels that she made at school. Nick picked her up from school & she brought them home. On the way into the car, she stepped on them. Nick pointed this out to Ella & she said. "Let's not tell Mom." When she gave them to me, she said "Sorry, I stepped on your pretzels, Mom. That happens sometimes. We can still eat them." And they were delicious!
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