Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Rapunzel Curse

The homeowners association in Ed & Flora's neighborhood has lots of baby stuff available for residents. It's great because we didn't have to load the car up with a bulky double stroller. They were able to borrow an in-line stroller (we have a side-by-side). I was worried that we would like this kind better. But, we are VERY glad we didn't get a stroller where one sits in front of the other. Apparently, the glory of the better view of the front seat comes with a steep price. When Charlie was in back, he would push on Greta's back to make sure she sat up all the way (like the annoying guy behind you on the airplane). We decided to put dainty Greta in the back because she would surely treat her brother more sweetly. But, it was worse when Greta was in back because Charlie has something Greta wants - HAIR. It's so soft & silky, we can't blame her for wanting to grab it! She's been grabbing his hair a lot lately - especially if she is starting to fall. Poor Charlie just cries. Cursed with beautiful locks.
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