Thursday, June 14, 2007

3 Little Piglets Ready to See Daddy

We are all ready for Nick to come home. I was hoping he would come back rested since he didn't have late nights in Boston, but his cab is picking him up at 3:30 am Utah time & then he has to go straight to work. He is going to be exhausted by tomorrow night and the kids are going to be over-the-top excited to see him. Ella is THRILLED that he will be back in time for her good-bye party at school. After she talked to Nick on the phone, I asked her if he said he was coming to the party. "Yes, he said he would. Sorry, Mom." I asked her what she was sorry for. "Sorry, you're not coming. Maybe next time I have a party at school you'll get to be invited." I have a feeling that because I am bringing the ice cream, she will let me attend without her formal invitation.
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Anonymous said...

Nice Kids, I Loved Them. they are sooooo cute. :)
God bless them for you.