Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back In The Saddle

On Tuesday, Ella was lamenting the fact that everyone had gone home. "Now, it's just us being boring again." It certainly doesn't feel boring to Nick or me. It's been a busy week returning everything to normal and catching up after Charlie's illness last week. He seems to be acting like himself again. On Monday, the remaining partiers headed up to Red Butte. Phil got the VIP treatment from Kevin. We got to the garden in the morning & the weather was wonderful. We had an early lunch before Mom & Phil went to the airport. Nicole played with us the rest of the day & took a red eye back to New York. Ella really misses her!
Ella is slowly getting into a routine at school. She still complains, but I think she is having a lot of fun. Today "something really bad happened." Her friend Hope got sunscreen in her eyes. Tomorrow is cooking project day. Ella will also be starting ballet classes next month. She is THRILLED!
Tomorrow, I head to Moab for a quick rafting trip. We'll be back Saturday night & Nick has a fun day planned with the twins.
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