Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nine Months

A classic Charlie look

Officially the BIG sister

I took the twins to the doctor in the middle of our heaviest rain in about a year. Unbelievable. I was completely soaked through my clothes as I tried to open the stroller & load the babies. The mountains above us even got a measurable amount of snow. As I signed in, Greta reached over & took Charlie's pacifier causing him great stress. They were both happy to be released from the stroller & took off in different directions across the office. No shots today which was good.

And the stats:

Charlie: 16.11 pounds 26 inches hc: 46.2 (about 3% head size 75%)

Greta: 16.13 pounds 26.5 inches hc: 44.8 (about 25% head size 80%)

But, both are smaller than Ella was at 9 months. Considering Ella is (almost) the smallest in her class, we're guessing Charlie & Greta will be small as well.

The doctor wasn't worried about their height/weight. He just suggested that we give them formula instead of water at meal times in a cup. We will also start trying more table food with Charlie. He seems to like that better than a bottle. I can't believe that within 3 months, we will be done with formula.

We are going to have to watch Greta more closely - she likes to steal Charlie's bottles & it is starting to show. The poor guy needs to learn to guard his posessions or his sisters will continue to roll over him.

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Connie said...

I am new to this blogging thing. I was on mine and clicked to the next and got yours. The children are so beautiful. I just had to comment.