Saturday, June 02, 2007

Not All Cameras Are Created Equal

I bought a cheap, waterproof digital camera to take rafting this weekend. In the photography classes I have taken, the teacher always says, it's not the camera that makes the photo. I would have to disagree. I thought $20 would at least buy a camera that would focus. We went rafting today, the lower photo is from the float on the Snake River. I think there is an osprey in the photo somewhere. We saw about 10 bald eagles which was amazing. One was in flight, the rest were looking down on us from a high perch. I was really missing our nice camera & the zoom lens - beautiful birds! The top photo is one of my workmates at the front of the raft. Jackson had a low snow year, so the water is low. They made us wear wet suits, but let us go swimming. The water was about 50 degrees - CHILLY!

Nick said the kids are doing well at home. Charlie is getting his two top teeth. He is taking everyone bowling with friends this evening.
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