Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Our little photojournalist

Ella has taken an interest in photography. I can't imagine where she gets that from. She has been taking photos with our camera (like the one of Nick above) - and she is getting pretty good about framing the subject. We thought she would enjoy the camera that I bought to take on the rafting trip (top photo). All was good until she saw the photos. Even a 4-year-old was not impressed with the quality of photos. The only silver lining is that the line of "kid-proof" digital cameras on the market are the same image quality as the one I just bought, BUT they are 3 times the price. So, we will skip Fisher-Price & buy a new battery for our very old digital camera. I think we can find a battery on-line for a reasonable price. We bought the camera 4 years ago when Ella was born. It is SO outdated (slow, clunky) already!
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