Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thank You St. Paul's!

Thank you Miss Shannon!

A little peek at the balloons

Hope made tasty cherry cupcakes with lots of sprinkles

Abby & Rhonda say the new school is in for a shock if these three Queen Bees end up in the same class.

Friday was Ella's last day at St. Paul's Preschool. She will be joining Sophie & Hope at Montessori tomorrow. The girls brought cupcakes (pink of course), ice cream, Mardi Gras beads, balloons & juice boxes on their last day. Ella & Hope have been at the school since they were 3 months old. They love their teachers & their friends. We are glad that the twins will remain at the school with these wonderful women who have created a loving, caring & safe environment. Her current teachers put together a great scrapbook. All of the kids in class made a picture & "wrote" Ella a little note. All of the teachers signed the scrapbook as well. We will cherish it!

You can see how much taller Sophie is than Ella & Hope (she is only a few months older). Her little brother is 4 months old & 15 pounds (the twins were under 17 pounds at their 9 month appointment). I don't think they are big, our kids (and Hope) are just small.
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