Saturday, July 07, 2007

Delicious Treats!

We did not let scorching temperatures slow us down today. Nick took the kids to pick out Ella's ballet outfit for her new class which starts on Monday. Ella modeled everything for us tonight. We suggested that next time the tights should go on first. She tried to go up on her toes & I explained that you don't get those shoes until you have practiced a long time. She told me that maybe she would practice a lot on Monday so she could have some.

Ross, Cecilia & Marcus (Nick's godson) came over for dinner. You can see C's elegant & delicious dessert in the top photo. It is always fun to see them & it was great to see Marcus transition from toddler to little boy. He & Ella had a great time playing & Ella was disappointed when he had to go home.

Tomorrow we are going to try to take the troops up north to Bear Lake. We realized that both the twins are teething (Charlie is getting his two eye teeth & Greta is getting her front upper teeth). I need to remember to pack the motrin & teething biscuits.
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