Thursday, July 05, 2007

Miss Greta's Social Hour

Kevin snapped photos of Greta shooting the breeze with her friend Allison at the Parade on Wednesday.

Mid-week holidays are no fun! Ella was exhausted this morning after insisting on staying awake to see the fireworks. Luckily, we can see them across the valley from our home, but given our late sunsets, she was still up until after 10:30. To say she was grumpy this morning would be an understatement. I think the yoga they did at school was calming because she was happy this evening (thank you, miss kate!)

Greta continues to prefer feeding herself (lunchmeat, fruits, bread) at mealtime. We thought Charlie was enjoying this independence as well until we noticed Hogan spending a lot of time around him. Charlie likes to gum his food & then spit it out for Hogan to retrieve.

Nick is playing softball tonight, we are all hoping he comes back uninjured from this game. We are all excited for tomorrow. Ella is happy that it is a water day at camp, Nick & I are thrilled its Friday & the twins are happy because its another day of being spoiled.

Another busy weekend is about to start! Happy Friday!

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