Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Day of Firsts

I wanted to take a picture to commemorate Ella's first day of school (she was at 'camp' all summer). My cooperative daughter was happy to oblige. She was thrilled to report that 4 year olds don't have to take naps at school. We are hoping that tomorrow she decides naps aren't so bad. The report of the first day of school in the Silver class was positive (although she did say they didn't learn anything too interesting). Let's hope the enthusiasm keeps up. Note the fancy ring she is wearing. She went to her old school for two days this week & got to pick the ring out as a reward for being a good listener & helper. We were so proud!

We had a low key birthday celebration since the twins have already had two parties. The twins opened gifts for the first time by themselves. They loved the cards & Charlie LOVED the tissue paper. For Christmas, I think he will be happy to open our old Tupperware wrapped in more tissue paper. He kept playing with the tissue paper long after his bulldozer had been unwrapped. Of course, we didn't think to worry about whether lead paint was used on the trucks. We will be buying little test kits before they actually get to play with their presents.
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