Friday, August 17, 2007

Sweet Baby Greta

Greta took her first nap on a cot with the toddlers today. Her teacher said that she laid down and went right to sleep as if she had been doing this forever. I am sure they won't always be this lucky! I am so relieved that they are both adapting to the transition well. I feel so much more protective of the twins than I was with Ella. I think with Ella more babies her age had recently transitioned to the toddler classroom, while Greta & Charlie are the first kids moving up in about 6 months. Yesterday, Charlie had a turn in the toddler room. They said Greta was looking around for him & as soon as he returned, she crawled over & gave him a toy to play with. She probably immediately took it away & made him cry, but they didn't tell me that.
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