Monday, August 06, 2007

Trouble in Paradise

Our neighbor has 2 great danes that have been marked as a nuisance. Apparently, a tenant one street up has been complaining about her dogs barking. We haven't noticed anything unusual. While they will bark "hello" if we are in the backyard, the neighbors usually scoot them inside if they talk to us or Hogan for too long. We think that the neighbors are getting blamed for all of the barking dogs in the neighborhood. So, Hogan is not allowed outside unless we are with him. There are too many squirrels in our backyard taunting him. This morning, he was sitting on our front porch while we were getting ready. As soon as I put the twins in their high chair, I could hear Hogan start to grunt. I let him inside & he ran right to the twins. Greta rewarded his loyalty with her piece of toast. We are absolutely convinced that her first word is "done" (as in, get me out of this chair now!)
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