Sunday, August 12, 2007

You Know It's A Good Party When Even the Dog Needs a Bath Afterward

Nate, the cake eating champ!

Hayden, the happy boy!

Greta, the tired princess.

Charlie, the sad child who will later tell his therapist that his parents let him play with fire before he was one.

We had an early birthday party for Charlie & Greta today. Our friends Bill & Kari have twins that turned 1 this week & a son who goes to school with Noah. We thought we keep things simple & just have family over for a celebration. We did not factor in the built-in chaos of 4 one-year-olds.
Kari made the cutest cakes that were enjoyed by the twins. Nate did the best job smashing & eating his. He (followed closely by his brother) demonstrated classic first birthday cake etiquette. Charlie burnt his fingers on the candle, but recovered enough to enjoy the cake. Hayden was a happy boy, while Greta was exhausted by the process. The clean-up crew was intense. Jessica started our twins in the bathtub & then Kari took over once clean water was available. Bill held the clean twin, while Jessica & Nick gave Hogan a bath to get all of the icing out of his hair. Kevin hosed down the back porch & high chairs while everyone else watched the rest of the kids & did regular party clean up. We were all exhausted by the end!
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