Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Our Bearcubs

The twins had their 1 year appointment today. The doctor made the analogy that the twins should be playing like bearcubs - very physical wrestling like moves as they learn social behavior. That certainly describes Greta & Charlie these days. We have to sit back & let Charlie learn how to use his words and body language to interact with others. It's just so hard to see him get so upset, but we have been acting appropriately by not intervening on his behalf. They had their first day in the toddler class & by all reports did well. We have replaced their bottles with sippy cups without too much trauma.
Charlie is almost exactly the same size as Ella was 18.03 pounds & 28 1/2 inches. He isn't on the chart for weight, but is about 25% for height.
Greta is our little powerhouse at 18.09 pounds (10%) and 28.75 inches (50%). Charlie still looks taller than Greta when they are side by side. I also think that Charlie took his first steps today (though Nick would disagree). The doctor took Charlie & faced him toward me. He held Charlie's hands for a few steps & then Charlie took 2 quick steps without any support.
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