Thursday, September 20, 2007

So Happy It's Friday

Last weekend, I tried to get a photo of the kids. Still no luck getting everyone to look at the camera & smile together. The photos are off center because a little girl in a bikini sat down beside Charlie & wanted to be a part of the photo. She just sat there smiling. Then she wanted goldfish bag Nick was holding. I have no idea where her parents were.
Ella has refused to get her haircut. We are growing out her bangs, but she isn't ready to sit by herself at the salon. I think I just need to take her in without asking her first.
Saturday, Jessica & I are 'running' a 4 mile race. We are hoping to run as much of it as possible. That will probably wipe me out completely. But, we are hoping to drive the Alpine Loop to see the fall colors on Saturday afternoon.

Enjoy a fabulous weekend!
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