Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Bocce Sunday

Photo from Melissa

It's been a busy, hot weekend here. Yesterday, we went to Joe's 6th birthday party at the bowling alley. The twins ate pizza & Greta expressed great disappointment that we wouldn't let her play with the bowling balls. Ella was quite the bowler - with a stellar 61 points. She would heave the ball down the lane with all her strength & we would watch, worried that it would stop mid-way because it was moving so slowly.

Sunday afternoon, we went to a potluck bocce party at John & Melissa's. They always throw fun parties. Nick, handicapped by inexperience & 20 pounds of dead weight, quickly lost $17. We are waiting for an update whether Kevin got in on the action after we left. Greta did not want to sit still & loved going down the slide with Ella (& Jessie). Charlie impressed us by standing on his own, without holding on for support. We had to leave early because of the twins early bedtime, but even Ella fell asleep on the way home.

John & Melissa live in a mostly Mormon neighborhood. You can see that in this version of Bocce, the empty beer cans are thrown into the yard to act as penalty markers. So, not only was this a Sunday party (a no-no for the predominant faithful here), the crew wasn't exactly drinking chocolate milk in the front yard. Jessica reported that after we left, the Missionaries showed up. There were lots of photos taken, but I doubt the men left with anything but good stories to tell & lots of new souls to pray for!

Here's hoping the twins sleep through the night. Greta isn't drinking/eating as much now that we are transitioning from formula & bottles.

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