Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Jessie!

Ella's favorite Aunt turns 27 (ahem) today. Jessica & Kevin came over for lasagna & were drawn into action by the chaos in our house. Kevin helped clean up the leaves in the backyard that I got started cleaning up, but never quite finished during the day. The back porch was a little wet & Greta kept slipping, so I took the twins inside & never made it back out again. Jessica helped me bathe everyone & helped Ella clean up her "daycare" (i.e., every stuffed animal and doll in the house was taking a nap on every blanket in the house). Jessica also picked out everyone's outfit for today. Ella received a compliment on her pink & grey ensemble before she got out of the car.
Their greatly appreciated kindness was rewarded by Ella's delicious fudge marble cake. No cake of Ella's is complete without sprinkley goodness. It must be true that there are more people born in the first part of October than any other time of year. We know lots of Libras (Happy Birthday William, Jaime, Kari & Cindy!) Since Nick's birthday is tomorrow, we sang Happy Birthday to both Jessica & Nick. The next cake I make is going to have a secret ingredient. We'll have to let you know how the taste test goes.
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