Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Home Again

We had a great visit & survived plane travel with the twins. It was fun to be back in Bloomington again. I hadn't been back since Jessica's wedding in 2006. Ella really had fun visiting her grandparents & seeing their homes again.
Ella said the highlights of her trip were:
1. visiting Babe (Grandpa's dog)
2. Getting new slippers from Granny Jill
3. Sleeping with Mom at Grandpa's
4. Getting a new headband & gummy centipedes from Nina (and 20 glow-bracelets from Dee)
5. Petting the donkeys
6. Swimming in her clothes because Mom forgot to pack bathing suits
7. Taking the Bus to the Airport with Aunt Jessie
8. Finding a Geode to take for show & tell
9. Going Trick or Treating
10. Visiting Ethan's house

She thought that Charlie's favorite part was petting the horses, but not Greta (Greta tried to kick the horse).

Ella is very excited about tomorrow. Her bag is packed with her Cinderella dress & she picked out clothes to wear. It's the twins last day of daycare & they have a Halloween Parade. Let's hope the weather cooperates.
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