Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Book Baby

I took the twins to Book Baby at the Library this morning, we were late, but it was still a great adventure. The twins clung to me in the big room of Mom's & kids. When the books are over, there are some toys available for playing. Because it was such a big group, I wanted to take the twins upstairs to the kids play area. I picked up Charlie & asked Greta to hold my hand. She said "No" and proceeded to try to make new friends.

Once we got upstairs, the twins loved the little tables & books. Greta kept pulling books off the shelves. She was in heaven. As it got crowded, Charlie stayed close to me, but they both played on their own. This was a huge change from the past two weeks where they have both fought over me every second. It was fun to see Greta explore & interact with the other children. Charlie kept to himself & loved playing with the mega blocks & cars. When Greta came back over, he pointed to her excitedly like "I can't believe you are here too!" After the crowd got smaller, Charlie explored more & had fun playing with the toys. They were both mad at me for making them leave.

I am working to make them better eaters which means no between-meal sippy cups of milk. That is causing some angst in the house today. I realized they were each having about 6-8 cups (12 oz each) of milk & that is probably making them full. I am packing snack food for the zoo this afternoon. Hopefully they will start eating soon.
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