Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mother's Little Helper

Today was a 1/2 day of school for Ella, so I told her yesterday that she had a choice of whether to stay home. Yesterday she wanted to go to school, but this morning it was chilly & I think that helped her change her mind. Three kids at home all day leads to three bored kids & one tired Mom. So, we loaded up everyone (including Hogan who took a walk to visit our neighborhood deer, so we picked him up along the way) & headed to the Children's Museum. It was nice because Nick was able to meet us for lunch.

The twins were thoroughly exhausted when we got home. Ella helped me make an apple pie for tomorrow. She brushed the top crust & sprinkled it with sugar. After I put it in the oven, she said "Mom, are the apples inside?" I said "Yes." and she said "Good, I just wanted to make sure." I wonder if that is a comment on how forgetful I feel these days.
She also took over my favorite childhood activity of making the placecards for tomorrow. We were going to collect pine cones for the table, but in the end, she just wanted to write everyone's name (Kevin will be surprised by Ella's unique spelling of his name), add a little glitter & ribbon & call it good.

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