Friday, November 16, 2007

Zoo Be Do Be Do

We picked up Ella early one day this week & headed to the zoo. I was hopeful with the cooler weather that the animals would be playful. But, most of the animals had been moved inside for winter. The cougars were out & the twins loved seeing them. I was a little worried that the cats appeared to be stalking my babies, but I think they were watching for the zoo keepers to bring their dinner. The twins had a great time roaming free - which they wouldn't be able to do during the popular season. Ella got frustrated because the twins like to run in different directions & she was charged with corralling one of them. She finally got her wish & I put them back in the stroller. I managed to get Charlie & Greta to sit long enough for the train ride. I know a lot of people think the ride is too short, but that day it was perfect! By the time the kids tried to squirm free, we were done.

Today, Ella stayed home from school & we met up with Lora & her girls at the Children's Museum. It got crazy busy by the time we left. Then, Ella had her first new swim lesson which went great.

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