Saturday, December 15, 2007

2 Alarm Fire

Friday morning we had a playdate with the Sikorski's at the Children's Museum. Charlie, Nate & Hayden loved playing in the water. Charlie's shirt was soaking wet by the time he was done. Greta ran off on her own & I found her playing with the cash register. While Kari & I corralled the twins, we lost track of Ella in her striped shirt. I found Ella & Noah wearing fire fighter outfits. They were very proud that they found a penny & took it to a museum worker so no little kids would eat it. She showed them how to put the penny in a machine that helped children at the hospital. Kari & I took everyone out to lunch afterward. It didn't go as smoothly as the night before, but we all survived! I forgot the kids sippy cups, so Charlie & Greta were wearing most of their milk by the time lunch was done.

We scurried off to Ella's swim lesson. She is doing so well. She swam the whole length of the pool with only minimal help flipping onto her back for a breath. With a little help from her teacher, she was able to pick rings off the bottom of the pool.
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