Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas!

Unbelievably, Ella slept until nearly 8 on Christmas morning. Now that I am a kept woman, I have trouble getting up much before 7, so Ella's late morning gave me time to get the food ready. Ella was over the top excited about Christmas this year. Last year was all about playing with each toy she opened. This year, she just wanted the thrill of opening gifts. With 9 of us, our living room looked trashed really fast! Nick & I limited what we bought the kids this year, but they were showered with really thoughtful gifts from so many relatives. I found homes for all the fun new toys, put some older ones away for a few months & found some more old toys to donate. The nice thing is that all of the gifts were huge hits with the kids. The twins are really in the transition period into toddlerhood. Greta has started playing with dolls - & Charlie is fascinated with any toy that moves. Ella got two new dolls for Christmas & I was surprised when she offered to put Wyatt (Santa's gift from two years ago) into the closet to make room for her new dolls (Armani (the doll came with this name, Ella isn't that much of a fashionista yet) & Sadie - her special American Girl Baby).
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