Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Party

A friend hosted a gift exchange party this week. Nicole & Jessica helped me think about what to bring for the potluck (that was very yummy - I wish I knew who brought the mushroom polenta). I tried to make an asparagus tart, but didn't have a chance to buy the "tart" ingredients. So, I planned to bring steamed asparagus. But, the kids had a REALLY tough night - the nuts & asparagus were scorched when I forgot about them in the midst of Greta & Charlie pouring bowls of applesauce on their heads and Ella having an emotional breakdown. I defrosted some cream puffs & picked up brownies on the way & put them on a fancy tray (someone else brought fried chicken & put it on a silver platter so I wasn't alone).
When Nicole was here, she & Jessica also helped me to pick out the gift I brought. It was a little intimidating because I only knew about 4 of the 30 people in attendance:

My hat was the first gift opened & it was promptly stolen.

The rules of the game allowed each item to be stolen three times. The lady next to me was #11 & she had her eye on the hat.

But, she never got a chance because it was "gone" before her pick.

It was a fun evening catching up with friends & meeting new women. It was really fun to see what other people brought. Hot items were serving pieces & cookbooks. Someone brought a gorillapod & if I hadn't been on the hunt for a gift for Jessica, I would have stolen it for Kevin. I was #25 of 30. Some items were off limits by the time I got to pick. I selected the only plant in the bunch thinking that Jessica would really like it. I got a bit worried when I realized it was a bonsai tree. Jessica has a definite green thumb, but I wasn't sure she was up for that kind of commitment with a plant. I worried for nothing, because someone took it from me, so Jessica is getting my second choice under the tree. At least I have something for her to unwrap - she hasn't been the easiest person to buy for this year. It was an eclectic mass of gifts - from beautiful silver platters to the risque to jewelry to homemade salsa and amazingly nearly everyone was happy with their final gift.
It was nearly 50° today, but we are getting quite a snow storm tonight.
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