Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ski Bunnies

Jessica & I took advantage of a great deal for locals today. Free lessons & rentals at Deer Valley Resort. In the 10 years I have lived in Utah, I have never tried skiing. Jessica has been a few times & the difference in our skill level was evident. I still haven't graduated from the bunny slope, but Jessica conquered several green runs today. On Saturday, Nick, Ella & Kevin went skiing & enjoyed unseasonably warm weather & beautiful sun. Today, it was WINDY, cold & snowy. The snow felt like hail on the chair lifts. But, we still had fun. If I could find another good deal on rentals & lift tickets, I would try skiing again this year. Right now, Ella & I are almost equal skiers. I know by next year, she will be light years ahead of me if I don't keep trying. Big thanks to Kevin who was very nice to drive us up to Deer Valley & take photos as he did some reading in the lodge.
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