Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I love this photo of Charlie despite the lack of focus. He doesn't smile for the camera often. I can't believe he is ready for another haircut. He is my little trooper at school now. He marches into the playroom & goes right toward the balls. He really looks up to Wyatt. It's cute because Wyatt is the big boy to Charlie & he's probably getting close to moving to the big kid side of the school. But, he was the little baby to Ella. In fact, her first doll from Santa is named Wyatt.

Greta is saying "cheese" in this photo. She is very aware that I am trying to take her photo & that I would like for her to look at the camera. You can see her hair is slowly starting to grow. She is still our little climber & is on the verge of an oral explosion of words. As I was trying to get my self-portrait done today, she was climbing up on the chairs in the front room. I heard a thump (she had fallen off the chair), then "Uh Oh," but no cry. I asked if she was OK & I heard "Yeah." {pause} "I all right mama."

Charlie isn't taking in "sentences" like Greta, but he is saying more words. He loves saying Ella & was saying cheese a lot for the camera tonight. Unfortunately, I think that Greta's repeated tapping of the lens with Charlie's pacifier & my multitasking caused all the photos to be blurry. {Ella was watching the end of babe's in toyland with Annette Funicello during our photoshoot.}
Nick & I watched 3:10 to Yuma last night. Not the best name. Great movie!
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