Monday, April 07, 2008

Adventure Hour

The twins are old enough this year to explore the backyard with Ella. I only had one emergency run when Ella guided them into a snow bank. Charlie was hungry & convinced they would never find food. Greta took her shoes off & couldn't put them back on. A little applesauce & milk & everyone was good as new. It's been a COLD spring (we got 4 inches of snow this morning), but we've been so cooped up, I'm ready to let everyone loose outside. Greta's new favorite word is "outside." When we suggest bedtime, she counters with "outside?" It's nice right now because I can see through all the trees, it will be more tricky in a month or two.

We had another hectic weekend. I did a 10 mile walk with Jessica (10.5 because we parked in the wrong parking lot). We did a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving sponsored by the same company. The Turkey Trot was a lot of families out justifying that second piece of apple pie they were going to eat. Apparently, there aren't many amateurs out to do 10 miles on a Saturday. There was only one other walking pair (we beat them). Unlike the Turkey Trot, these participants were all hard core runners (long thin legs & no butts). Needless to say, we were REALLY far behind. I told Jessica that next time we are wearing "We are walking on purpose" t-shirts. All these peppy running groups kept passing us & cheering us on. At the finish line, all 10 volunteers (everyone else was long gone) cheered & yelled & told us how proud they were. We felt a little silly. We kept a steady 15 minute mile pace. Jessica did another 4 miles on Sunday, but my feet were killing me!

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Monica said...

I laughed out loud at this. I've been there! I pulled up the rear of a 10K once with a 70-year old man at my side, who had to ask, "What is that noise," to which I had to answer, "It's the ambulance, following us to the finish line."
I love your t-shirt idea.