Monday, April 14, 2008

One Smart Cookie

Charlie was playing with a beeper toy & kept putting it to his head. It alternately makes beeping & ringing noises like a phone. I got a little worried that he didn't know how to use a phone. As a boy, he always hangs a few steps behind Greta. Her speech, motor skills & personality just dominates him at times. As soon as a phone rings, Greta slaps it to her ear & loudly says "Hell-ro?" I was a bit worried that he didn't know how to answer the phone.
Then, I remembered that when Mom & Charlotte were in town, they were trying to figure out our temporal thermometer. Mom said the kids started lining up for practice runs, putting their foreheads out for a test drive. The thermometer makes a beeping noise similar to the toy beeper. So, Charlie thought he was playing with a thermometer. Suddenly, he's the genius of the family.

The poor guy had a tough weekend. Double ear infection. We've really had a tough run on antibiotics at our house. It was great to open windows this weekend & breathe in fresh air.

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