Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Redux

{the course - just ignore Hogan in the photo. It was the best pic I had}
Charlie is always very suspicious.
our little rascal

I was treated to a fabulous Mother's Day. My mom even managed to send an email from Africa. Hopefully she got our reply email sending her good wishes as well. It sounds like they are having a fabulous trip. We managed to beat the rush to breakfast & then Nick entertained my request to try hiking with the kids. We went to Hogan's favorite spot. The poor dog hasn't been on the hike in well over 3 years. He was thrilled. It's an easy walk for us, but not for the kids. Greta & Charlie hiked all the way down the hill & were {mostly} thrilled to be introduced to the backpack. Charlie points to it when we get back home at night. Greta was a bit mad about something & took every opportunity to pull my hair & bonk me on the head. I tried everything to get her to calm down. The water was running pretty quickly & there were a lot of dogs running so I didn't want to let her out of the backpack again. Finally, when I was trying to take my daily self portrait, I heard a little "cheese" from over my shoulder.

The biggest surprise {and best gift} of the day was that Ella DID NOT WHINE ONCE on the walk. We were so proud of her. If we can get Nick's knee in shape, I hope to do a lot of hiking with the family this summer {or I'll sweet talk Jessica & Kevin into helping carry one of the twins}. Poor Nick was icing his knee after this not very strenuous walk.

Needless to say, we brought 3 tired kids & 1 exhausted dog home. I was then showered with gifts including a gorgeous hand decorated pot holder from Ella & two hand prints from Charlie & Greta. Ella's teacher said the kids were trying really hard to decorate the pot holders with their Mother's taste in mind. Ella choose to draw a lot of hearts. She was so proud! Nick checked in with his mother, of course, and it sounds like they are really looking forward to our visit later this month.

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