Sunday, May 11, 2008

Theatre Night

Ella's school put on a performance Friday night. She was so excited about the event & insisted on wearing her black & white outfit to school on Friday (despite the fact the performance didn't start until 7 pm). Her biggest concern was that the dance teacher isn't at school on Fridays. I assured her Miss Laura would show up to direct the performances. (thanks to Kari for her close-up shots).

I was feeling pretty good for being able to feed everyone & get them ready to head back to school by 6:45. But, we were actually some of the last people to arrive & ended up standing for the performance. It worked out OK since the twins were stroller bound. It was very cute to hear Greta calling out to Ella when she appeared on the stage. The dance teacher did such a nice job choreographing 100 students in several mini-acts.

Ella was so proud to receive tulips from Dad after the show. Then, it was off for ice cream. I almost called Jessica to join us, but Kevin's parents were in town & I didn't want to interrupt their evening. Turns out we were like two ships passing in the night, eating at ice cream shops less than a mile away. Ella decided she didn't like the raspberry gelatto she ordered & took my scoop. Greta was very happy with this arrangement.

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