Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ella's Boyfriend

Ella's been quite the artist lately - drawing lots of chalk people on our porch & driveway. She really likes drawing our family.

Ella: Mom, I think Dad should have a mustache.
Me: Yes, you should tell him that.
Ella: I think I'll draw a picture of my boyfriend. He's not a member of our family.
Me: Do you mean Erik?
Ella: Who?
Me: How many Eriks do you know?
Ella: 2
Me: Who's your boyfriend?
Ella: Carson.
Me: What about Noah?
Ella: Well, I knew Carson first and I already told him that he was my boyfriend.

Loyalty is a good thing. And Noah's not hurting for female attention. Did you see that she used blue to write Carson's name & pink for her name? That was very deliberate.

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