Sunday, June 22, 2008

High Maintenance Pooch

On Saturday, we hosted a dinner for several families from Ella's school. I {hopefully} captured all the kids in summer camp with her. We were expecting close to 40 people & we started to worry about how we would entertain 11 five year olds (plus siblings). But, it was absolutely fantastic. Although a lot of the parents hadn't met before, everyone seemed to be getting along well & having fun. The kids were amazing. Very few tears & lots of cooperation. After talking with my mom & Kari, I decided to have an activity for the kids. We had them decorated lunch sacks & then created a scavenger hunt. Kari had the great suggestion to use our old Easter Eggs. I was surprised that they listened to the rule that every friend needed to have at least 3 eggs. Even Charlie & Greta ended up with eggs in their bags. Good kids. It was perfect, but I think the kids would have been Ok without the hunt as well. I think it helps that the kids see each other every day. They celebrated finding everything on their list with popsicles & by polishing off the Bloom's brownies.
Aunt Jessica helped out by watching Hogan for the party. This is what he looked like when we dropped him off: The party ended so late, I didn't pick up Hogan on Saturday night. When I spoke with Jessica, she was going to bring Hogan by our house before our knitting outing at noon on Sunday. I had put the kids down for a nap & was ready to jump in the shower when an alarm went off on the computer reminding me that Hogan had a hair appointment in 30 minutes. I knew I couldn't make it to Jessica's & back in 30 minutes, so she graciously dropped everything to get Hogan to the spa. This is what we looked like when we picked him up: Kids these days get the craziest haircuts. The people in the dog wash kept asking how old my puppy was. This old man wasn't amused. We told Hogan that these hair appointments were getting a bit pricey, so he needed to get a job. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to send a little thank-you love Aunt Jessi's way. Looks like he finally listened:

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Poozoe said...

Hogan looks SO CUTE! I love the summer cut :)