Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nothing but the Tooth

{last night}
Ella's school is under construction & it makes pick-up time a real challenge. I take the twins down the stairs (Charlie insists on walking on the side with the open railing without holding my hand while Greta walks against the wall & wants to hold my hand), collect Ella's lunchbox & other assortment of things she has put in her cubby during the day, go to her drop file & pick up the 800 shreds of paper that she 'created.' Then, I have to convince the twins to put back whatever goodies they found in the last 30 seconds & head back up the stairs to find Ella's class. Today, as I emptied her file folder, I saw a sock puppet & a sandwich bag that looked like it had leftover sock decorations. I stuffed everything under my arm & tried to corral the twins back up the stairs. Upstairs, I realized the bag did not contain art supplies, but instead held Ella's tooth.

Apparently, the tooth fairy is going to be busy tonight. First, Ella's teacher pulled out her tooth (she said it didn't hurt). Then, Moira pulled out her tooth & Sophie asked the teacher to pull out one of her teeth (perhaps the teacher missed her true calling in dentistry). According to Miss Ella, the going rate for a first tooth is a dollar coin. I have it on good authority that our tooth fairy is very happy that she remembered to take care of business when she was at the bank last month. {tonight}

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Poozoe said...

The last photo with her missing tooth is priceless.