Sunday, August 10, 2008

Splendor in the Grass

The other night, we were in the front yard waiting for Nick to come home. Baths were done, dinner was eaten. Charlie & Ella were happily posing for me. Charlie loves to laugh & mimic Ella. Greta was doing her own thing. She knows when I want to take her picture & avoids eye contact while saying "cheeeese." But, Charlie & Ella were hamming it up. Ella taught Charlie how to growl "like a shark" - he loves to do that when he puts on his favorite new jammies. Nick starts school tomorrow - one week intensive up at a ski resort. Ella gets back from San Diego late tonight (even with an extra dog, the house is quiet without her). Friday, Dad comes in town for a quick weekend trip & then the kids & I head back to Indiana on Sunday.
Summer is officially coming to an end. My list of summer to-do's was never even reduced to paper. I need to start working on my fall list before the snow starts to fall.

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