Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

What can I say? It's been a tough few weeks & I'm a little late with this post. Our one traditional labor day activity was a Back to School Picnic hosted by my friend Kim. The kids had a great time. The best part was seeing Ella so happy. She's had a tough few weeks in terms of her temperament. We are keeping our fingers crossed that as our house & daily routine returns to normal, Ella will calm down a bit. She needed more attention than usual this evening, but had lots of smiles. Kim found the cutest potato sacks for races.

Greta jumped right in on the action.
Her twin buddy Nate was right there too while their other halves enjoyed some time away from the chaos.
We were all laughing about Ella's super-competitive nature that night. But, this picture really captures it. You can see the ringer (the girl in the purple sweater is 8) that Ella had trouble keeping up with.
Can you tell from this picture:that Charlie is a dainty eater - the kind of girlfriend you don't like eating lunch with because you feel like a horse for eating more than half your salad. Two bites & he passed the cupcake to me as if to say "I'm so stuffed, I couldn't imagine eating another bite." His petite appetite was apparent at the twins 2 year appointment - Charlie 23 pounds and 33.75 inches - Greta 25 pounds and 34.25 inches. Charlie is 4 pounds under the "ideal weight for length."

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