Sunday, October 19, 2008

Black Island Farms

My friend Kari organized a family field trip for Ella's class at Black Island Farms. About 7 families made the trek from Salt Lake. I love how the girls are holding hands! We could not have imagined better conditions. The weather was gorgeous & it wasn't too crowded. Nick had class all day, so I had the task of trying to keep up with the twins. I didn't do that great of a job. People were constantly grabbing one or the other twin before they walked into some sort of imminent danger. As I was corraling Charlie, I was alerted that Greta had climbed to the top of a VERY big slide. Luckily, Ella was able to keep her entertained while I made my way to the top to retrieve her. Nick makes handling three look so easy.
Nevertheless, we had a great time. Ella & her friends were in heaven. Greta & Charlie felt so cool hanging with them. It's so fun now that the twins are talking - they can sort of understand the holidays & traditions & talk to us about what's going on (though it's still hard to understand them sometimes). They were so excited to tell Nick about their favorite part of the day. Charlie immediately said 'tractor' - though I'm not sure if he meant the 'train' or the hayride. Greta & Ella loved the pumpkin patch. In fact, as soon as we got off the tractor, Greta found her pumpkin & wouldn't move! I'm not sure why Ella looks so annoyed, but after several pumpkins that didn't make the grade, Kim convinced her to that a 'sister' pumpkin of Tia's would be perfect.Kari captured this pic of my little squatter as I helped Ella & Charlie find their pumpkins.
Ella, Greta & Charlie also LOVED that Tia & Kim drove with us. When Greta woke up from her 'nap' & realized Tia was gone, she said "OH NO! Where's my Tia?" When Preston saw all the moms with cameras he said he envisioned many blog entries about the day. I don't know why he would think that.

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