Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boo At the Zoo

My friend Amy was in town this weekend & we planned to get together Saturday morning for a quick visit before I had to head off to Ella's big fundraiser. We wanted to do a Halloween activity with the kids & thought Boo at the Zoo sounded like fun. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I would guess the zoo had near capacity crowds. It was wall-to-wall people. Nick had study group, so I was on my own. We found a parking spot not too far from the zoo - but I had to go down a big hill with no stroller path. Ella was a big help holding everyone's hands while I maneuvered the stroller down the hill & secured everyone for the trek across the very busy street.
We arrived a bit early & found a surprising pocket of emptiness by the playground. My zebra didn't want to pose for a picture with his sisters. We did a test run of Ella's makeup. She was thrilled with the results. I couldn't find a black dress for her to wear, but I love this $8 steal I found at the Children's Place. Charlie LOVES his costume. We can't get him to take it off. If he's a little bit tired, the tears & screams come furiously when we try to undress him.
The zoo was so crowded that we barely noticed the animals. One nice thing is that we saw some exhibits we usually overlook. Did you know the zoo has a squirrel exhibit? The kids were fascinated.
I definitely wouldn't do this event again unless the weather was a little crummy. Too much chaos! But, it was great to see our friends again. By the time we made it back to the car, I had lost one of Greta's shoes. She was amazingly tired & had thrown her blanket in a fit of despair. Luckily, I realized the favorite night-night was missing before leaving the zoo. The shoe was just a worthy sacrifice of a fun day.

ETA: We got this unsurprising email from the Zoo today:
In 1983, the Zoo offered free admission thanks to ZCMI and welcomed as a result, 17,696 guests which set an all-time one day attendance record. That record stood for 25 years - until last Saturday, October 25, when the Zoo shattered that record as 23,497 guests attended Boo at the Zoo.

For 20 years now, Boo at the Zoo at Hogle Zoo has become a Utah tradition for families and little trick-or-treaters 12 and younger. The Zoo thanks all our valued members for your continued patronage of all Zoo events but especially for confirming what we have known all along - that Boo at the Zoo is Utah's premier family-friendly and safe Halloween event. We'll see you next year!

We have a small zoo & half of it is under construction. Unless the county votes to double the size of the zoo before next year, I think we'll pass!

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