Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out Martha!

Ella had the perfect weekend. On Friday, the kids didn't have school, so I took them to the Children's Museum. It was really fun to watch the twins find their own way around. Everyone had a great time and despite the fact we could only stay for about an hour, there were NO TEARS when it was finally time to leave.
Ella got to watch Bee Movie while the twins napped and I worked. Then, off to swim lessons where Ella did great (as usual) and the twins had their first TEAR FREE lessons (Charlie is usually happy, but Greta is finally getting comfortable with her teacher - fingers crossed we don't get a new teacher next session).
Saturday, Ella needed to buy a gift for a birthday party and started complaining that it wasn't fair that she didn't get a gift. I was bracing myself for a full-on whine fest. But, Nick told her she could take some money from her piggy bank. She had $8.50. At the toy store, he started to feel guilty and almost caved that there isn't much to buy under $10. It was even harder when he stood ground and her crocodile tears came out and she gave Nick a hug, but stayed silent. He suggested that they look at the toy section of the grocery store. She found a Barbie outfit & was very happy. Nick lavished lots of praise on Ella for her tantrum-free experience.
On Saturday, we started working on a paper mache project. They aren't the easiest to do with kids. It was a bit messy & laborious. But, Ella was very happy to help attach all of the decorations on Sunday. The weekend was capped with tons o'snow on Sunday & several outdoor playdates with the twins & Hogan.

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