Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Neff's Canyon

Since Greta was sick last week, I had to work on Sunday. By the time I was heading home, the rain had stopped & it was a gorgeous day. I had hoped to drive the Alpine Loop, but Nick thought it would be better to get outside rather than sit in the car for a few hours. Apparently, everyone had the same thought - the parking lot was very crowded.
Hogan was in absolute heaven - running like a crazy puppy. His herding instincts even kicked in a bit - he circled back to see why Greta & I weren't with the pack. Ella decided she needed to be carried & Greta wanted to walk. Of course, I didn't think that this would lead Greta to want in/out of the backpack every 5 minutes.
The kids had a great time. Ella collected a ton of leaves & wanted to make something for show & tell. But, somehow the leaves didn't make it home. So, she settled on painting a rock to show her classmates. It felt so nice to get out in the crisp autumn air!

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