Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Parkin' It

For the past 4 years, our visits to Las Vegas have been all about the parks. Grandma & Grandpa have scouted out some nice ones near their home. It's truly amazing how gleeful the kids get when they see playground equipment.
It's really cute to see the twins enter the make-believe stage. We had pirates and sharks playing in the ocean. They pretended to sweep the deck & steer the ship. We played baseball on a real diamond without any equipment. Ella ran the bases & the twins followed (though they preferred to 'pitch' with me - sound effects and all). Since she's never played T-ball, we had to explain that as she rounds the base, its traditional to tag the bag with your foot, not your fingers. No pictures of our baseball game - I needed both hands to pitch to my batters. We've had no word from Mom for the past 48 hours now. I assume that means they got a flight out of Bangkok. I also assume her cell phone is dead. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she makes it home sometime on Thursday. I am sure she's going to feel so behind this year for Christmas. I hope she got a lot of shopping done on the trip!
I'm at the point where I need to start wrapping gifts & finding a home for them. I think that will make me feel more organized. My cousin Nicole arrives tomorrow - we can't wait to have fun with her!

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