Monday, January 12, 2009

In Full Bloom

About 6 weeks ago, I potted some paperwhites for Ella's teachers. I bought extra bulbs and Ella & Greta helped me force them to bloom (Charlie likes to linger in bed after nap time so he was MIA). Greta was so proud of herself for doing it all by herself (but can you guess who thought she should be allowed to plant all the bulbs?) About 1/2 of my bulbs bloomed. I blame it on a combination of my NOT green thumb & the fact that Ella & Greta love to help me water a bit too often! They only need to have the very bottom of the bulb touching the water & I frequently looked at a vase & noticed the bulbs were practically swimming. For gifts, I potted the bulbs in soil, but I picked up several containers of color stones at pottery barn a few years ago (during a great sale) and love to use them. We put our Valentine's Day decorations up early this year & the red rocks look very festive!They look so pretty & spring-like that I just bought some more on sale. Since Jessica & I didn't get around to forcing tulips this year, I'll keep paperwhites going for a while. It's cheaper than buying fresh flowers.

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Poozoe said...

I know that grouchy face in the first two photos so well! Maybe they are learning it together!